3 Tips to Simplify Your Customers Shopping Experience

I love online shopping! Armed with my Mac-book and iPhone, you can find me browsing a minimum of five websites any given day. Even if I tried not to it would be hard not to end up on a product page due to the number of email deals, app notifications or targeted advertising I see each day. With my background in retail, my love of shopping and my passion for building great e-commerce experiences, I thought I would share with you today my top 3 tips to simplify your customer’s experience.

Social Logins

Filling out your details on a form is one of the most tedious and annoying things you can do online, filling in all the different fields can almost seem like a punishment, do you want to punish your customers before they make a purchase? No!

For the customer, social logins allow your them to skip the signup process and enables them to login safely across multiple platforms without the need of another username and password.

For the webmaster, it increases the user’s experience and also allows you to get some more personal information such as age, gender which could be used to market to them later down the track.


Cart abandonment is when a customer has looked through your website, added all the products they wanted to the cart and then decided, no I will not buy these items. The average cart abandonment rate is 68.81% – which equals a massive loss in sales. Reasons for abandoning a cart include expensive shipping rates, lower total price elsewhere and not having a credit card handy.

By using PayPal users do not need to remember their credit card details, but only their username and password. Paypal then takes care of the payment and shipping details in just a couple of clicks. Before the user has had any time to doubt their intended purchase they could have committed to buy and you could be sending out their order.

Paypal has shaped the way of online payments in Australia and has a trust level like no other; all the other services are trying to catch up. Visa Checkout, Masterpass, Apple Pay and Android Pay are now all offering similar quick checkouts but so far PayPal has a massive hold on the market, and because of this, I will always recommend PayPal first to my clients as a payment method.

Clear and Organised Product Menus

You wouldn’t want a customer to walk into your store, and the first impression they have is messy and unorganised. That is what having a poorly thought out product menu can do to your websites visitors. Menus are one of the first things a customer will see on your website; they need to make a good impression, and they need to easily lead your customer to the product they want to buy.
It is important to identify your key categories (e.g., MENS, LADIES, KIDS, SALE) and then spend some time breaking them down into useful submenus (e.g., Tops, Pants, Shorts, Brand, Fit, Price, New, Best Sellers). Doing this not only gives the user a clear understanding of what you are selling and how to find it, but it could also potentially lead a visitor to a sale with 3-4 clicks.

So there we have it, three of my best top tips to simplify your customer’s online shopping experience. Most of these are not hard at all to implement and can have long lasting benefits to your websites overall profitability.